Classifying Relationships in Social Networks

Aline Carneiro Viana

Lundi 14 mai 2012 à 11h, salle 25-26/101


The constant advancement of information systems has allowed more data to be generated and stored from the most diverse situations. It is fascinating that, behind these records, we see the reflection of the environment itself, since every record represents a decision made by some entity. In this work, we modeled real-world scenarios of mobility from using temporal complex networks. The analysis assumes that these systems are composed of entities able to interact in a rational manner, reflecting their interests and activity dynamic. In this direction, we propose a technique for analyzing mobility scenarios from random graphs. This technique examines how the real system would evolve if the agents decisions were random, and from there, you can check, for example, which edges are random and which are derived from social relationships, such as friendship or professional.