Suppressing diffusion processes on arbitrary networks using treatment resources of limited efficiency

Argyris Kalogeratos

Lundi 13 juin 2016 à 11h, salle 26-00/332


In many real-life situations, it is critical to dynamically suppress or remove an undesired diffusion process (viruses, information, behaviors, etc.). The talk will present a framework for Dynamic Resource Allocation (DRA) assuming a continuous-time SIS epidemic model, and that a budget of treatment resources of limited efficiency are at the disposal of authorities. Special emphasis will be given on the macro- and microscopic (or local) properties of the network structure for the problem and two strategies will be presented that fall in this framework: a) a simple yet effective greedy approach, and b) a more sophisticated one that uses a precomputed priority plan of how the healing strategy should proceed on a specific network. Additionally, extensions in competitive scenarios will be discussed.