Statistical analysis of a P2P query graph based on degrees and their time-evolution

Jean-Loup Guillaume, Matthieu Latapy and Stevens Le-Blond

LNCS, proceedings of the 6-th International Workshop on Distributed Computing IWDC’04, 2004, Kolkata, India

Despite their crucial impact on the performances of P2P systems, very few is known on peers behaviors in such networks. We propose here a study of these behaviors in a running environment using a semicentralised P2P system (eDonkey). To achieve this, we use a trace of the queries made to a large server managing up to fifty thousands peers simultaneously, and a few thousands queries per second. We analyse these data using complex network methods, and focus in particular on the degrees, their correlations, and their time-evolution. Results show a large variety of observed phenomena, including the variety of peers behaviors and heterogeneity of data queries, which should be taken into account when designing P2P systems.