Hexagonal based Beacon-less Flooding in MANETs

Louisa Harutyunyan

Jeudi 05 février 2015 à 11h, salle 25-26/101

Flooding is an important primitive in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). Due to mobile nodes and possible change of location information, it is of importance for a flooded data packet to be received by every node, but at the same time to limit the number of forwarding nodes. Using a simple flooding scheme for such purposes causes redundant rebroadcasting at some nodes. To address redundant rebroadcasting at some nodes we propose a beacon-less flooding algorithm (HBLF) based on an overlayed hexagonal virtual network. We give sufficient condition that even in the presence of holes in the network, HBLF achieves full delivery. We also give further theoretic analysis of HBLF in regards to lower and upper bounds on the number of forwarding nodes, the dilation factor as well as the broadcast time of HBLF in a network with or without holes.