Spreading of the Happy Flu experiment

> By Matthieu Latapy, Adrien Friggeri and Jean-Philippe Cointet


The Happy Flu experiment aims at observing how an information may spread among web pages. It proposes to anyone who encounters the experiment on a web page he/she visits to participate. The experiment then becomes visible from his/her own page. We then register the date at which this new participant was involved, and on which page he/she encountered the experiment, thus tracing how the experiment spreads.

Each node in the animation is a web page involved in the experiment. The counter shows the number of seconds elapsed since the beginning of the experiment, and the nodes appear accordingly.

The size of a node is proportional to its degree (number of other nodes linked to it), and the width of links is proportional to the degrees of its extremities. Moreover, the color of nodes is a function of their arrival time: the first ones are white, and the last ones are dark gray.

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