Keywords popularity in eDonkey queries

> Bénédicte Le Grand

Keywords pupularity in eDonkey queries

Keywords pupularity in eDonkey queries

This plot represents the evolution of the popularity of the keywords ‘avi’, ‘madonna’ and ‘jackson’ in eDonkey queries (captured on an eDonkey server during 102 days in 2009).

The values on the y-axis represent the proportion of occurrences of these keywords in eDonkey queries for each day of the capture (x-axis).

‘avi’ is a very popular keyword in P2P queries and its popularity remains quite stable throughout the measurement. This is also the case for ‘madonna’: the number of occurrences of this keyword in eDonkey queries is almost constant over the 102 days.

On the other hand, the evolution of the ‘jackson’ keyword is very different: it becomes extremely popular during a few weeks after which its popularity rapidly decreases. Indeed, this capture started on June 29th, 2009, i.e. 4 days after Mickael Jackson’s death. Many queries containing his name have therefore been observed the following month, before converging towards an average stable –lower- value later on.

This figure therefore illustrates the evolution of ‘hot topics’ popularity versus the evolution of ‘normal’ keywords popularity.

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