File Diffusion in a Dynamic Peer-to-peer Network


Alice Albano, Jean-Loup Guillaume, and Bénédicte Le Grand

Proceedings of the  Mining Social Network Dynamic 2012 Workshop (MSND), In conjunction with the international conference World Wide Web WWW 2012, Lyon, France


Many studies have been made on diffusion in the field of epidemiology,
and in the last few years, the development of social networking has
induced new types of diffusion. In this paper, we focus on file
diffusion on a peer-to-peer dynamic network using eDonkey protocol. On
this network, we observe a linear behavior of the actual file
diffusion. This result is interesting, because most diffusion models
exhibit exponential behaviors. In this paper, we propose a new model
of diffusion, based on the SI (Susceptible / Infected) model, which
produces results close to the linear behavior of the observed
diffusion. We then justify the linearity of this model, and we study
its behavior in more details.

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