Daily Walks in Paris 13th: visualization of Wi-Fi access points

> By Guillaume Valadon, Florian Le Goff and Christophe Berger


This video represents information concerning Wi-Fi access points in Paris 13th district collected from September 2007 to October 2007. The data was produced while walking in the streets with a mobile phone and a GPS receiver, as would a regular user. This approach does not discover every access points but has the advantage of reflecting the wireless environment a user encounters while wandering in the streets. For this experiment, we used Nokia N95 and N80 phones with external GPS receivers, and a dedicated wardriving software developed in Python.

Each circle in this video is a measure performed during the warwalking campaign. The position of the circles correspond to the geographical coordinates of the measure. The color and the size of the circles are proportional to the number of Wi-Fi access points detected during a measure.

Each frame were produced using NodeBox as a standalone Python module. The movie was generated by aggregating all frames using mencoder.

More information is available on the author’s web page.

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