Structure and dynamics of multiplex networks

Federico Battiston

11 Avril 2017, 11h, Salle 24-25/405

Many real-world complex systems consist of a set of elementary units connected by relationships of different kinds. All such systems are better described in terms of multiplex networks, where the links at each layer represent a different type of interaction between the same set of nodes, rather than in terms of (single-layer) networks. In this talk I will introduce multiplex networks and several metrics to measure multiplexity at different scales. Measures are validated and applied to real-world systems with examples from collaboration networks, terrorist networks and the brain. I will also show how multiplexity can produce the emergence of qualitatively novel dynamical behavior, focusing on the case of social dynamics. Resume I am currently a PostDoc in the Aramis Lab at the Brain & Spine Institute working with Mario Chavez and Fabrizio De Vico Fallani. I am also the Chair of the Young Researchers Network on Complex Systems, the younger branch of the Complex Systems Society. I earned my PhD in applied mathematics from Queen Mary University of London working in the complex systems and networks group of Vito Latora and as a part of the European Project LASAGNE on multilayer networks. Before that, I got an undergraduate and a master degree in theoretical physics from Sapienza University of Rome. You can find more information about me at: