Mapping low-resolution edges to high-resolution paths: the case of traffic measurements in cities

Bastien Legay, Matthieu Latapy

In: Botta, F., Macedo, M., Barbosa, H., Menezes, R. (eds) Complex Networks XV. CompleNet-Live 2024. Springer Proceedings in Complexity. Springer, Cham.

We consider the following problem: we have a high-resolution street network of a given city, and low-resolution measurements of traffic within this city. We want to associate to each measurement the set of streets corresponding to the observed traffic. To do so, we take benefit of specific properties of these data to match measured links to links in the street network. We propose several success criteria for the obtained matching. They show that the matching algorithm generally performs very well, and they give complementary ways to detect data discrepancies that makes any matching highly dubious.