Internal links prediction: a new approach for predicting links in bipartite graphs

Oussama Allali, Clémence Magnien and Matthieu Latapy

Dynamic Networks and Knowledge Discovery, special issue of Intelligent Data Analysis, 7 (1), 5-25, 2013

Many real-world complex networks, like actor-movie or le-provider relations, have a bipartite nature and evolve over time. Predicting links that will appear in them is one of the main approach to understand their dynamics. Only few works address the bipartite case, though, despite its high practical interest and the specic challenges it raises. We dene in this paper the notion of internal links in bipartite graphs and propose a link prediction method based on them. We thoroughly describe the method and its variations, and experimentally compare it to a basic collaborative ltering approach. We present results obtained for a typical practical case. We reach the conclusion that our method performs very well, and we study in details how its parameters may inuence obtained results.