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Radar Dynamics: Detection of an Event

Radar Dynamics: Detection of an Event

> By Antoine Mazières, Clémence Magnien and Fabien Tarissan Download As part of the “Radar for the Internet” project described in this paper, this video aims at understanding better the dynamics of the Internet’s topology. The dataset used in this experiment is built on an ego-centeric view of the network from one of our monitors, […]

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Detecting Events in the Dynamics of Ego-centered Measurements of the Internet Topology

Assia Hamzaoui, Matthieu Latapy and Clémence Magnien

Detecting events such as major routing changes or congestions in the dynamics of the internet topology is an important but challenging task. We explore here a top-down approach based on a notion of statistically significant events. It consists in identifying statistics which exhibit a homogeneous distribution with outliers, which correspond to events. We apply this approach to ego-centerd measurements of the internet topology (views obtained from a single monitor) and show that it succeeds in detecting meaningful events. Finally, we give some hints for the interpretation of such events in terms of network events.

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Event detection around me

Event detection around me

> By Assia Hamzaoui and Matthieu Latapy In the same spirit as in the plot named Dynamics of IP addresses around me, we use egocentric measurements of the Internet. We seek to observe and understand the dynamics of the IP internet topology by detecting events in it. A natural way to see events would be […]

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