Paedophile content in Peer-to-Peer exchanges

> Matthieu Latapy, Frédéric Aidouni and Clémence Magnien

Paedophile content in Peer-to-Peer exchanges

Paedophile content in Peer-to-Peer exchanges

Some (but not all!) peer-to-peer (P2P) file exchange systems are used to exchange paedophile content (as well as many other kinds of content!). The corresponding filenames often claim the age of involved children under the form xyo where x is an integer and yo stands for years old. For instance, a filename containing 8yo claims that its content involves an eight years old child.

Notice that the age claimed in the file name not necessarily is the true age of the involved children, if any; it is just a claim of the creator of the file name.

To gain some insight on the claimed age of children involved in paedophile content avaible in some P2P system, we launched a query on the classical paedophile keyword pthc (which stands for preeteen hardcore). We obtained this way 48,488 file names containing it. Among these, 16,913 contained age information under the form xyo.

The plot shows, for each value x lower than 18, the number y of files claiming content with children aged at most x.
It shows that there were more than 10,000 files (64 %) claiming content with children not older than 11 years, almost 2,500 (14 %) with age at most 6, and more than 500 (3.5 %) with age at most 2.

These numbers are not representative: they were obtained on a particular P2P file exchange system, at a particular moment, and with only one keyword. They however show, if needed, that paedophile exchanges in P2P systems are a serious concern, and probably do not mainly involve teenagers but also much younger children.

For more information, see our project on Measurement and Analysis of P2P Activity Against Paedophile Content

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